People have often asked me to share recipes for various meals and snacks I’ve served over time, so I’ve started writing down my recipes. This section of my blog covers these recipes in my own personal cookbook. If you want to stay up to date with the latest additions, subscribe to the RSS feed.


A sweet, thick sauce made of apple.

Basque-burned Cheesecake

The easiest cheesecake you’ve ever made. Baked quickly and at a high temperature without regard for looking pretty.


A thick, creamy sauce, usually as a base for another thick and savory sauce.


A rich snack from the glorious Netherlands.

Halal Pea Soup

A halal version of a famous Dutch winter meal, pea soup.

Jordanese Meatball

A slowly stewed meatball.


A Dutch snack for Sinterklaas, but very tasty at any time of the year.


A simple sauce to go well with everything, though most popular with french fries.

Mushroom Sauce

A savory sauce to be served warm with your dish. Works very well for steaks.

Sriracha Sauce

A very spicy variant of the world’s most popular hot sauce.

Stewed Beef Salad

A small, hearty salad. Served cold, usually as a side-dish, but also works great as a little snack.

If you use home-made mayonnaise, you can cook the egg whites in a scrambled fasion, and add it to the salad as well. This won’t affect the flavour too much, but will make it a more filling snack, and you won’t have to make meringue again.

Stewed Pears

A sweet dish, commonly served with gamey-meat or stewed meat.

Originally made by my grandmother, this recipe is my attempt to get as close as possible to this little treat.