Here is a list of all projects I worked on that I deem good or important enough to publish here. This list won't always be complete, but you can check my Github profile if you're interested to see more.

All of the projects listed below are Free software, and are made in my free time. Contributions in any form are welcome. This includes, but is not limited to, pull/merge requests, bug reports are financial support. You can also come discuss the projects and possible issues you have found with them on IRC or contact me through email. Details for both can be found on the homepage.

Project Language(s) License Repository
Scriptkitties Overlay Bash GPLv2+
SubBot Lua GPLv2
App::Assixt Perl 6 GPLv3
Config Perl 6 GPLv3
Dist::Helper Perl 6 GPLv3
IO::Path::Dirstack Perl 6 GPLv3
IRC::Client::Plugin::Github Perl 6 GPLv3
IRC::Client::Plugin::Ignore Perl 6 GPLv3
IRC::Client::Plugin::NickServ Perl 6 GPLv3
IRC::Client::Plugin::UrlTitle Perl 6 GPLv3
MPD::Client Perl 6 GPLv3
Musashi Perl 6 GPLv3
Tachikoma Ruby GPLv3