About Me

Freedom-focused hacker. I love everything about free software, and spend much time contributing to it myself. I occasionally write blog posts to help other people getting started with free software, show the issues with proprietary software, or just talk about something I find fun and interesting.

Pretty much all of my projects can be found on git.tyil.nl, though many of them are also mirrored on other code forges.

I can be reached through various means of communication, though all of them usable by completely free means. Scroll down to the Channels section for more information about that.



My public PGP key is available from my own site, or from a public key server such as pgp.mit.edu. The fingerprint is:

1660 F6A2 DFA7 5347 322A  4DC0 7A6A C285 E2D9 8827

You can also fetch my PGP key using the WebKey Protocol:

gpg --locate-key p.spek@tyil.nl



Email contact goes via p.spek@tyil.nl. Be sure to at least sign all mail you send me. Even better would be encrypted mail using my PGP key.

I do not read my mailboxes very often, so please do not expect a timely response. If you require a response as soon as possible, please find me on IRC instead.


I host my own MissKey instance to interact with the wider Fediverse.


I am active on various IRC networks, most often under the nick tyil. All of these are connected from the same client, so you can pick any of these if you wish to have a real-time chat with me.


As the years have gone by, I’ve been losing faith in Matrix more and more. I still have an account, and I would be happy if it ever got good, but I personally am not counting on that to happen anymore.

  • @tyil:matrix.org


If IRC is not your thing, I can be reached for personal chats on XMPP too. I selfhost this using Prosody on my home servers.

  • tyil@chat.tyil.nl
03E8EE1F 0D1CBD5E 91DC0D72 38BB9B52 5F87E696 28FFF057 E0D62C08 20957E5B
C620EF62 9454E430 EA1D3744 E90DB279 575BA4BD 4DDBAA05 19C4A19A 3F80761B
F25C45E0 2DA7B111 83F0AC95 578CEAE5 37ED775E F4F8316F 7F617526 45035B12


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