About me

Freedom-focused hacker. I love everything about free software, and spend much time contributing to it myself. I occasionally write articles to help other people getting started with free software, and show the issues with proprietary software. I'm Active on a number of IRC channels, spread over multiple IRC networks. Currently I have made over 10 modules for Perl 6, which are all available on CPAN. I also write a blog post on occasion, with my latest write-up being "Sparrowdo - Getting started".

If you think what I'm doing is awesome, and want to support me, you can do so through donations. More information about how to donate and what I do with the donations I receive can be found on the support page.



My public PGP key is available on on pgp.mit.edu. The fingerprint is:

EB9E A484 1672 2D37 16F5  A799 9ACF E193 FFBC 1F50


For instant messaging I use OTR where possible. My fingerprints are the following:



Email contact goes via p.spek@tyil.work. Be sure to at least sign all mail you send me. Even better would be encrypted mail using my PGP key.

I do not read my mailboxes very often, so please do not expect a timely response. If you require a response as soon as possible, please find me on IRC instead.


I am mainly active as tyil on Freenode. Other networks I frequent are DareNET and Rizon, using the same nick, tyil. I use OTR for private messages on IRC, so be sure you use this if you want to discuss something in private.


I am available via XMPP/Jabber on tyil@national.shitposting.agency. Like IRC, be sure to have OTR enabled if you wish to talk to me. Since my XMPP chats go via BitlBee, the response time is about the same as via IRC.

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