Supporting me

Thanks for considering to support my work. It’s much appreciated, and it helps me to spend more time writing articles, tutorials, free software and promote more free software.

I think free software is very important to have around, and all software made should be released as free software. As such, I will continue to keep working on free software and it’s promotion regardless of how much I receive in (financial) funding. However, more funding allows me to spend more time on this.

Funding platforms

I’ve set up a number of accounts on donation platforms. This way, you can decide which platform you trust the most. The platforms I’m available on are:

If there are other platforms which you consider to be better, do let me know. I am always open to suggestions, and I will try to make time to review other platforms if possible. Such suggestions will also be incorporated in my article on Free software funding.

What’s it used for?

Your donations will go towards paying the server I use to work and test things on,

If funding allows, I can look into possibilities to take time off of my day time job in order to spend more time on free software work. It would also allow me take more time off in order to attend conferences or give presentations on my free software projects.