These are some small scripts which I share in the hope that they may help out other people in the future. Since these are just simple scripts, it is not really worth it to classify them as a full project. Scripts are only a single file that serve only a single purpose, and most often written in POSIX-compatible shell, because this is the most portable language to work in.

I have used or am still using these scripts for my personal use, but there's no guarantee that these will work for you without any changes. If you have issues and cannot seem to figure out what's going wrong, feel free to seek me out on IRC. You can find my IRC details on the hompage.

This is most certainly not a definitive list, and I don't try to make it one either, as that would be way too much work. However, I do keep my configuration files (or dotfiles) in a public git repository. You can find this repository on Github. There's a directory in there called scripts that has the entire collection of scripts that I actively use.


All scripts published here are released under the GNU GPL version 3 or later, unless stated otherwise.