LoneStar is a simple program, written in Bash, to download and install the Rakudo Star Perl 6 distribution. As of the moment of writing this program, Rakudo Star Perl 6 binaries cannot easily be moved around on the OS, making regular installation methods more troublesome than they ought to be. To deal with the installation issue, I wrote LoneStar, to just take care of it. I chose to use Bash to ensure it can run on a wide range of GNU+Linux systems without much trouble.


LoneStar is given a Makefile which can take care of installation. However, it does not need to be installed if you just want to try it out first. I would recommend installation anyway, in order to make easy use of the init subcommand (which will update you $PATH to include the Perl 6 executables for you).

You can clone the repo using git, and use make to install it:

cd "$(mktemp -d)"
git clone https://gitlab.com/tyil/lonestar .
make DESTDIR=/usr/local install

Some shells will require you to rehash the $PATH. On Bash, this is done using hash -r. Zsh users should run rehash. Other shell users may have to consult their respective shell's manual. With newer shells, this is oftentimes not necessary, though.


You can invoke lonestar without any parameters to get a list of subcommands it will accept, together with optional parameters. To just get the latest Rakudo Star Perl 6 distribution installed, use the install subcommand.

lonestar install

Once it has been installed, you can update your $PATH with init.

eval $(lonestar init)

This will make sure the directory containing the perl6 program will be searched whenever you want to run a Perl 6 program. It also includes the directory that contains all executable modules that have been installed. Consequentally, this will make the module installer zef available to you.

You can confirm whether Perl 6 works by retrieving the current version.

perl6 --version
If this command did not fail, you should be good to go!

Issues and feedback

If you have any issues or feedback on this program, please contact me via any of the channels listed on the homepage of my blog.