assixt, or App::Assixt, is a Perl 6 module which I wrote in order to make it easier to write more Perl 6 modules. I also used it as a good project to get better with Perl 6 with. Nowadays, it’s doing much more than I anticipated at the start of the project. I’ve turned it into a more complete solution for Perl 6 projects in general.

assixt can create new Perl 6 module skeletons, complete with .gitignore, basic CHANGELOG, Travis and GitLab CI configurations and more. It will also keep version numbers used accross your project in sync, create correct distribution tarballs and allows you to upload them to CPAN directly from the command line.

I’ve given a presentation on this project at the 14th Dutch Perl Workshop, and the slides are available on the Slides section of my site as well.


To install assixt, you will need to have Perl 6 installed, and zef available as well. I recommend you use Rakudo Star releases for these. If you’re using GNU+Linux, you might want to take a look at LoneStar. This is a Bash program that will fetch, unpack and compile Rakudo Star Perl 6 for you, including zef and a number of other common modules.

If you have Perl 6 installed, simply invoke zef to install the module containing assixt:

zef install App::Assixt

Support and feedback

Check out assixt --help for an overview of what you can do with it. You can also check the README on the repository to get a more extensive overview of the possibilities, and some examples on how to use it.

You can also create issues on the repository if you are still having trouble, or perhaps even found a bug. The #perl6 channel on Freenode might also be of assistance, as I am almost always available in that channel (so long as I’m awake). You can report feedback through issues or IRC as well.