This is the repository containing my blog’s sources. It’s generated using Jekyll, and makes use of a few custom plugins to allow me to work the way I prefer.

For proofreaders

If you got linked to this repository as a proofreader, you may want to check out the branch I’ve asked you to proofread, and serve it locally. This reads much easier than the source files for most people. To do this, you will need the Ruby bundle program. Refer to your distribution’s package repositories to find out the package name, and how to install it.

Cloning and serving locally

To get the correct branch, and serve it locally, you’ll need to go through the following steps:

cd "$(mktemp -d)"
git clone .
git fetch -a
git checkout <branch-name>
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll s

If everything goes well, this should make the website available on http://localhost:4000.

Leaving feedback

Feedback is easiest to send to me through email, or leave as (line) comments on the merge request for the given branch. This is easiest for me to work through, and read back at a later date if needed. I don’t always have time to immediately fix certain issues that have been found.

For interested visitors

Any feedback would be much appreciated to be sent to my mailbox, My PGP key ID is 0x7A6AC285E2D98827, please use this to encrypt mail sent to me, and use your own key to sign the contents as well.


All code found in this repository is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later, except where explicitly mentioned differently. The content itself has licenses attached to it on their respective pages.